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Make it Here

Find the program that will help you enter the workforce, or help your business hire and train Nova Scotians.

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Graduate to Opportunity

It pays to hire a graduate. With the Graduate to Opportunity program, hire a recent grad and the province will cover a portion of the first two years of their salary – 25% in the first year and 35% if the new grad is a member of a designated diversity group.

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Summer Employment

Summer employment opportunities are now available on These summer positions with the Government of Nova Scotia provide students with the opportunity to develop workplace skills and gain valuable experience.

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Growing Your Business

Need to offset salary costs? Looking for training to meet your business needs? Want HR support? We have programs that will get you the funding and support you need to build your workforce and help your business thrive.


These are just some of the programs available to help students and workers make it here. Find other programs that let you get the skills to stay, or help your business thrive.

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Get the Skills to Stay Here

Graduate Scholarship Program

Graduate scholarships put money directly in the hands of graduate students who are doing research that will help Nova Scotia innovate, grow and succeed. Nova Scotia universities administer the program on government’s behalf.

Interested graduate students should talk to their university about the scholarships.

Nova Scotia School for Adult Learning

The Nova Scotia School for Adult Learning (NSSAL) offers educational programs across the province to help Nova Scotians develop the skills they need to learn, live, and work in their communities.

Nova Scotia Works

Nova Scotia Works can help Nova Scotians find good jobs. There are centres across the province that can help Nova Scotians make better career decisions, or learn more about the courses and training needed to land a job.

Student Assistance

Nova Scotia has one of the best student assistance programs in the country. Provincial loans are interest-free, there are up-front bursaries and grants students don’t have to repay, and the loan forgiveness program can wipe out a Nova Scotia student’s entire provincial loan, worth up to $15,000.


Apprenticeship is a type of post-secondary education that provides technical and hands-on training to those for those who want to gain certification to work in a skilled trade.

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Help your Business Thrive

Graduate to Opportunity

Graduate to Opportunity (GTO) helps employers offset the cost of hiring a recent graduate and helps post-secondary graduates find career opportunities in Nova Scotia.

Innovate to Opportunity

Innovate to Opportunity (ITO) offsets the cost of hiring recent master’s and PhD graduates for innovative jobs that will help businesses begin, prepare for, or expand exports.

Energy Training Program

Nova Scotia’s Energy Training Program for Students, managed by the Department of Energy, provides wage subsidies up to 50 per cent (to a maximum of $7.50/hour) to eligible companies to hire students and recent graduates.

Workplace Innovation and Productivity Skills Incentive (WIPSI)

WIPSI provides funding for training, certification, and skills development to help companies improve productivity and competitiveness.


START provides funding to help employers hire Nova Scotians who need work experience. Financial incentives are provided to employers who have labour needs and are willing to support ready-to-work Nova Scotians.

Workplace Education

Workplace Education provides funding and support to help employers develop and deliver training to meet the operational needs of their organization and employees.


SkillsonlineNS offers employers and workers quick and easy access to hundreds of free online courses. Courses range from software applications to customer service, business writing, finance and accounting, and more.

HR Toolkit

The HR Toolkit offers easy access to information and downloadable templates to help employers recruit, retain, and train their employees.

Co-op Education Incentive

The Strategic Cooperative Education Incentive (SCEI) offers eligible employers wage incentives to hire university and college co-op students if they give students career-related work experience.

Student Summer Skills Incentive (SKILL)

The Student Career Skills Development Program (SCSDP) offers wage assistance to non-profit organizations that offer career-related summer jobs for students going to university or college in the fall.

Job Creation Partnerships (JCP)

This program supports projects that benefit the community and provide eligible participants with work experience that will help them get a job.